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Sunday, November 30, 2008

playlist four: pick me up songs.

Sometimes, the stress of school, work, and my oh-so-riveting personal life makes me want to shut myself in my dorm, creep into the crawl space under my bed and wallow. Unfortunately, I'm getting a little too old to construct forts in my room (a realization that makes me want to wallow in itself). Luckily, whenever I'm down, I know there are those songs that always make me happier. Nothing's a great mood booster like a fun, upbeat song. Fight wallowing! Post your pick-me-ups.

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Anonymous said...

Pick me up songs you might also be interested in:

The Fratellis- Flathead
Eric Hutchinson- You Don't Have To
Believe Me
(also- Ok it's alright with me- awesome.)
Jamie Lidell- Multiply
Hall & Oates- You Make My Dreams
Rooney- I Should've Been After You

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